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Dogs Named Gizmo

A small breed, large-perk-eared, tan with white and grey merled Chihuahua mix is standing on a hardwood floor looking forward and to the right of its body.

"Gizmo is a Chihuahua mix breed. We are unsure what he is mixed with. He is a male weighing 11 lbs. He is very active and loveable."

A small, wiry-looking, tan with black Affenpinscher/Chihuahua mix breed dog is sitting on top of a blue and white knit blanket looking forward.

"This is Gizmo, an 8-week-old Affenpinscher / Chihuahua mix weighing in at 2 1/2 pounds. But someone forgot to tell her she's small! She's a fearless mighty dog in a little dog's body. She's so adorable and sweet and cuddly...after she's through roughhousing with my English Mastiff and Schnoodle!"

A long, soft coated, white Maltese puppy is sitting next to a wooden frame. It is looking down and slightly to the left. It looks like a stuffed toy.

Gizmo the Maltese puppy

A white long haired Shiranian small mix breed dog is laying on a red oriental rug in front of a table looking forward.

Gizmo the Shiranian (Pom / Shih Tzu hybrid) at 1 year old

A large breed, black Newfoundland dog is laying outside in a couple inches of snow in front of a house looking forward.

Gizmo the Newfie from the Tip Top Kennels in Canada capturing the beauty of a Newfoundland in the winter

Upper body shot - A brown with white fluffy looking Shiba Inu puppy is laying on a tan carpet. It is looking up and back.

Gizmo the Shiba Inu puppy at about 3 and a half months old

A wrinkly faced, tan Dogue de Bordeaux dog is laying outside in grass and it is looking to the left.

Gizmo the Dogue de Bordeaux puppy at 5 months old

View from the front, A small breed, black and tan Prazsky Krysarik dog is sitting on a table looking to the right.

Gizmo the Prazsky Krysarik from Holland

A small breed, tan with black and white Peek-a-poo dog is sitting in grass looking forward and its bottom teeth are showing. It looks like an Ewok

"This is my dog, a Pekingese and Poodle mix. His name is Gizmo and he's 8 years old in this picture. I like his hair kept short so he goes to the same hairdresser (since he was a baby) every 4 weeks in the summer months and 6 weeks in the winter months. When he was younger going there, the hairdresser’s daughter used to read him a book after she got out of school to keep him from whining until I picked him up. He is a momma's boy! He follows me everywhere. My family gets upset with him (as well as others) because they'll say something to him or try to get him to do something and he doesn't acknowledge them or even look their way; they don't exist. When I take him for walks (which he knows he's going when I say the word) he has to hang on to his leash in his mouth. You always know when he's tired because he goes right to bed—that either being his kennel in the family room or in his own bed in my bedroom. Sometimes I think he's part cat because when we go on a trip he climbs up my neck and lies there between my neck and the seat. He is the best dog. Everyone wants him. I bring him into work and he stays right by my side. He stays in my office until I go out and then he'll follow me wherever I go, just like glue. Although, every time I take him in people are always telling me he needs braces because of his under-bite. I tell them that's how he gets the girls. Anywhere I take him people offer me money to buy him. He is so well behaved. I took him to the mall to get his picture taken with Santa Claus and he ended up being on the front page of the Lansing State Journal. He loves to have his picture taken."

A bat-fringe-eared, black with white Bostinese dog is sitting on top of a wooden table looking up.

Gizmo the Bostinese (Boston Terrier / Pekingese hybrid)

A fluffy white with tan and black Kimola puppy is sitting on a tan tiled floor looking forward.

Gizmo the Kimola (American Eskimo / Lhasa Apso hybrid) as a young puppy

A small breed, fluffy, white with black Japanese Chin puppy is sitting on top of a small dog-sized cheetah print couch with a black cushion.

Gizmo the 15-week-old Japanese Chin puppy, relaxing on his new sofa

View from the front - A black and white Papillon dog is laying on a black couch and its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Gizmo the Papillon from Scotland

View from the top looking down - A small breed tan Pomeranian is laying on a carpet and it is looking up. It has a blue ribbon to the left of its right ear.

This is Gizmo the Pomeranian at 8 months old.

A fluffy, black Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix is laying down on a blanket with dogs printed all over it. The blanket and the dog are on top of a bed.

"This is our pet Gizmo. He is a Pomeranian / American Eskimo mix shown here at 5 years old. He was born on Christmas Eve. He is very talkative and has an "I am the king" attitude. But this king loves to roll around in the mud digging for worms. YUCK!!!! It is not a pretty smell."

A wavy-coated black Pekepoo dog is laying in the backseat of a vehicle looking up and to the right. Most Likely at the person in the drivers seat.

"This is my Pekingese / Poodle mix Gizmo at 7 months old. He is the smartest and the most well-behaved dog. He stays by my side everywhere I go and when I'm not there and you say my name he starts jumping to the door waiting for me to get home. He is a miracle dog. When he was just 13 weeks he was scratched in the eye by a cat. The scratch was so deep it punctured the lens. The doctors told me he was definitely going to lose his eye if I didn't get this 4,000-dollar surgery. I couldn't afford it so I treated it with medication 4 times a day for about a week, and going to the vet every other day to check for any improvement. Long story short, he pulled through and his eye healed back to normal. I have 4 other dogs all purebred and my Peekapoo Gizmo is the smartest one out of them all."

Close Up - A fluffy looking, black with white Griffonese small breed dog is sittig on an ottoman and its head is tilted to the left.

"Jasmine the Griffonese puppy at 10 weeks old loves it when you talk to her—she tilts her head from side to side, as if to join in the conversation."

A white English Bulldog puppy is standing on grass with a stick in its mouth. There is a person behind it.

Gizmo the English Bulldog pup at 9 weeks old—"This is taken from one of our daily walks, as he enjoys putting stuff in his mouth, rather than doing his business. We found this stick and let him walk with that (which helped). As you can see, he’s mighty proud of his new stick."

View from the top looking down at the dog, a small breed black Pomeranian is standing in grass. Its mouth is open and tongue is slightly out. It is looking to the left.

"This is Gizmo, a purebred black mismark Pomeranian. He is my rescue Pom and one of the reasons I fell in love with the breed. Shown here at 2 years old weighing 5 lbs.

A butterfly fringe-eared, black with tan and white Yorkshire Terrier is standing on a hardwood deck with its head tilted to the right.

Barbie Beauties Gizmo the Yorkshire Terrier

Two small, white with black and tan Cockinese puppies are sitting and laying outside in a green lawn chair.

Cockineses (Pekingese / Cocker Spaniel hybrids) King at 6 months and Gizmo at 2 months—both are sable and white partis. Photo courtesy of Dakota Winds Ranch