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Dogs Named Zeus

Side view - A brown with white American Bulldog is sitting in grass and its head is turned to the left of its body looking at the camera.

This is Zeus the American Bulldog at 4 years old with his ears folded back. He is 28 inches tall weighing 130 pounds.

A white with brown and black, extra large breed, Saint Pyrenees dog is sitting on a wood floor with its front legs on a brick colored tiled floor in a doorway looking forward.

Zeus the Saint Pyrenees puppy at 9 months old, weighing 79 pounds (35.8 kg)

A fluffy, tan with black and white Saint Pyrenees puppy is wearing a hot pink and yellow bandana and laying in grass.

Another Saint Pyrenees named Zeus as a puppy at 8 weeks old—"He is a gorgeous and super sweet Saint Pyrenees."

Upper body shot - A white with tan and grey Wolamute dog is standing on a tan carpet and it is looking to the right of its body. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Zeus the Wolamute (½ Wolf ½ Malamute) at 11 weeks old—"He is very well behaved and extremely smart. He has already learned how to sit and lie down."

View from the front - A grey brindle Italian Mastiff is looking up with its mouth open and tongue showing. There is a white squeaky toy in between its front paws.

Zeus the Italian Mastiff at 1 year old

A tan Pug is sitting on a couch next to a blue shirt and a hot pink ball and in front of it is a black Pug. They both are looking up.

“This is Zeus (tan) and his big sister Hera (black). They are Pugs. They are 9 months old and inseparable! They will wait for each other everywhere. Hera has the Small Dog Syndrome to the fullest, but Zeus has the “I'm a lapdog” syndrome! Even though they are the same age, Zeus is 20 lbs. and Hera is 10 lbs. They will eat anything you put in front of them except for the green Milk Bones! They are my children. It's just a different experience having a Pug. They are so wound up that it is so hard not to fall in love. Yea, it looks like they ran into the back of a truck, but you can't honestly say that you don't find them adorable!!!”

The backside of a Golden Sheltie dog laying on a human's bed in front of a window and it is turning its head to the right looking at the camera. It has longer hair on its tail and its ears are large and sticking out to the sides.

"Zeus (male, 67.5 lbs.) just turned 7 in these pics. He is a Golden Retriever / Sheltie mix. He has the temperament of a Golden; very gentle with children and strangers...and the energy and endurance of a Sheltie; he will run top speed until out of my sight, but not his. I haven't seen any retrieving or herding skills...and I've owned an AKC black Lab previously, and recognize those traits, but am not experienced with the Shetland. In any case, Zeus's opportunity to demonstrate either are limited, since he is a house dog. I got him in Phila., PA and the breeder is no longer listed. In terms of quality of companionship, this dog scores 12 out of 10. Of course with mutts, I'm just lucky."

View from the front - A black with tan and white Alaskan Shepherd is standing in dirt and there is a person next to it petting its back. Its head is turned to the left and its mouth is open.

Zeus the Alaskan Malamute x German Shepherd mix (Alaskan Shepherd) at 1 year old—"Zeus is an excellent temperament puppy. He is full of energy and very loving. An intelligent dog and very easy to train."

A black and white photo of an American Bulldog that is sitting in front of a window.

"Zeus, my male American Bulldog at 2 ½ years old—he is a really big lap dog and loves to cuddle. He requires a lot of exercise or he can get himself into trouble (he is very strong). The most important thing in raising him was being firm and consistent on everything. He is very smart and learns things quickly, even bad habits. He is somewhat protective of females and children around strangers, but if introduced loves everyone."

Two panting Great Danes are sitting in the back of a Land Rover with their heads sticking out of the window.

Great Danes —"This is Zeus on the left at 3 years old and Memphis on the Right at 2 years old. Memphis just got weighed in at 182 lbs. Zeus passed away from bloat 3 days after this photo."

A small breed, brown Havanese dog is sitting on a patio and it is looking to the right. It has a band in the hair of its top knot.

Zeus the Havanese is a chocolate tan point. Photo courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese

View from the front looking down - A black and tan with white Rottie is laying in dirt and there is grass around it. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out. There is a rock in front of it.

Zeus the Rottweiler

A brown with white Colorado Bulldog puppy is laying in the lap of a person wearing gblue jeans with pictures on them and a t-shirt sitting on a porch. The person has there hands under its chin.

This is EBDK's Zeus the Colorado Bulldog as a puppy at 7 weeks old, weighing 15 pounds.

Action shot view from the water looking head on at the dogs - A Golden Retriever and A yellow Labrador dog are jumping off of a dock into a body of water.

Two amazing dock jumpers! Simba the Golden Retriever(left) and Zeus the Yellow Lab are having the time of their lives jumping off the dock at their cottage.

Two brown with white Ultimate Mastiff dogs are standing on a blacktop surface in front of two ladies in black dresses and behind them is a black vehicle and a fancy brick building.

Ultimate Mastiffs, Rogue and Zeus—"This is Rogue and her brother Zeus. They are 3/4 Dogue and 1/4 Neo. Rogue has just had her first litter of pups to our pure Dogue "Rock" and her litter has come out with some stunning and rare colours including 3 traditional reds, 2 liver/chocolate and 2 lilac/isabella pups. We have used Cesar Millans methods and watch his videos on YouTube every week. Because we apply what we have learnt we have 2 of the most well behaved relaxed dogs. Rogue is completely submissive and a great protector, we have never owned a more loyal dog."

Right profile - A black with white Karelian Bear Dog is standing in a show stack pose on a sidewalk with a person behind it. It is looking up and its mouth is slightly open.

Zeus the Karelian Bear Dog at 10 months old

View from the top looking down - A fluffy, white Samoyed is standing in snow and it is looking to the right.

Zeus the Samoyed

Two Great Dane Puppies are sitting next to a blue couch. One is black and white and has its tongue out and the other is white and gray merle.

Two Great Dane puppies—Sissy (mantle) at 11 weeks old and Zeus (merle) at 9 weeks

Two Saint Bernard puppies are laying on top of each other on a bed.

Saint Bernard puppies—Zeus at 2 1/2 months old and Hera at 4 1/2 months old

Close up upper body shot - A black brindle with white American Pit Bull Terrier is sitting next to a table and its head is turned to the left.

Zeus the Pit Bull Terrier

View from the front - A large breed, tan with Black Mouth Cur dog is standing in grass and its head is tilted to the right.

Zeus the Black Mouth Cur at 2 years old

View from the front - A brown with white and black Pitador is laying on a couch in front of red pillows next to a person petting its back.

"This is Zeus, our Pitador (American Pit Bull Terrier / Labrador Retriever mix). He is a little under a year old in this picture. He has the hunting instinct of a Lab, and he keeps us laughing at all times. We rescued him when he was 3 months old."

A large breed, longhaired, wavy-coated, brown with tan and white Bergamasco dog is standing in dirt and there are trees behind it. It is looking to the right.

Zeus a young Bergamasco from Sweden