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Dogs Named Sadie

A fluffy, black with tan and white Keeshond is sitting in front of a couch looking up and to the left. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out.

Sadie the Keeshond at 11 years old

A tricolor black with white and tan Treeing Walker Coonhound dog is wearing a green collar walking across a concrete surface. Its mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling.

Sadie the Treeing Walker Coonhound at 3 years old

Right Profile - A large breed, panting, yellow Labrador Retriever dog is standing on a dirt patch that is surrounded by grass. Its head is low and level with its body.

Sadie the yellow Labrador Retriever at 14 1/2 years old

Upper body side view - A silver Blue Lacy dog is standing outside and it is looking to the right. It is wearing two thick hot pink collars.

"Sadie is a 2.5-year-old Blue Lacy female. I had a lot of issues with her as a puppy. She developed aggression issues because she did not have an outlet for her intense working dog drive. Today she hunts hogs and does agility. Lots of exercise, focused training and strong leadership have turned her into a balanced dog." Photo courtesy of Julie Neumann, National Lacy Dog Association

Close up head shot with the focal point on the nose - the face of a sleeping wrinkly-faced Bloodhound on a rug.

Sadie the Bloodhound sleeping

A small, tan wrinkly skinned Ori Pei puppy is sitting on the stomach of a person wearing gray sweats laying on a couch.

Sadie Jackson the Ori Pei at 2 months old

Upper body shot - A large breed, gray Weimaraner is sitting on a carpet in front of a couch.

"Sadie the AKC certified Weimaraner at 2 years old is a very energetic, loving, loyal dog. Her favorite game is to play fetch; I get tired of throwing the ball before she even starts getting winded. She isn’t a big fan of gunshots, but I didn't buy her to hunt so were OK with that. She has a bad habit of chewing things up when we don't pay enough attention to her or don't run her enough. When properly exercised, though she is the biggest lover and just loves to lie with you on the couch. She is a VERY protective dog when it comes to my son Dylan who is 14 months. If he fusses she is at his side until he is settled down. They love to play with each other. She lies on the floor and he crawls and climbs on her, she raises her head and just lies down with a look of “hurry and get this over already.” She will be chewing on a rawhide and my son will walk over to her and pull it out of her mouth; she does not resist, just gets this sad look on her face and looks over at us like, “make him give it back.” She is the runt of her litter, but has the biggest heart of them all. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without her."

Two American Hairless Terriers are laying back to back on a tan and light blue dog bed. They have wrinkles on their forehead.

Lili and Sadie the American Hairless Terriers

A brown with white Boxer has its backside laying on a couch, its front paws are on the hardwood floor and its muzzle is on a wooden coffee table. It is sleeping.

Sadie the Boxer sat like this for 10 or 15 minutes. Every once in a while she likes to sit like this. It usually means she is not very happy about something. I think this time she was upset because Rosie, her sister, was taking up just about the whole couch! ;-)

A small, short legged, drop-eared, tan with white Bassugg puppy is sitting outside in a gray and tan lawn chair looking forward.

Sadie, a Bassugg (Basset Hound / Pug hybrid) at 5 month old—"He is an extremely smart dog. Sadie is very lovable but also very independent."

Close up upper body shot - A long-wavy-coated, brown Affen Spaniel dog is sitting on a wooden deck surrounded by an area covered in snow.

Sadie the Affen Spaniel at 1 year old—"Sadie is a very loving dog. At a young age, she showed a very energetic and intelligent disposition and was easy to train. Her grooming requirements are similar to that of a Cocker Spaniel. Her size is smaller than a normal Cocker Spaniel. She does well in crating situations but is more receptive to a teaching lead in which the leash is tied to you and to the dog, keeping her by your side as you go through your daily routine."

View from the front - A white with tan Ratshi Terrier dog is sitting on a hardwood floor in a kitchen.

Sadie the 4-month-old Ratshi Terrier (Rat Terrier / Shih Tzu mix)—her owner says, "She is the sweetest and smartest dog. She is full of energy and very happy, and a very fast learner."

Front side view - A black with tan and white Shiba Inu dog is standing in grass and it is looking to the left. Its mouth is open and tongue is out. Its tail is curled over its back.

Sadie the Shiba Inu at 4 years old

Back side view - A medium coated, brown with black and white English Shepherd dog is standing in grass and it is looking to the right of its body. The dog has a bob-tail.

Sadie the English Shepherd at 8 months old

View from the top looking down at a smiling  tan, brown and white ticked medium sized dog. It is sitting on a tan tiled floor and it is looking up. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Sadie the Border Heeler (Border Collie / Australian Cattle Dog mix) at 2 years old

A medium-sized, tan with white Jack Chi dog is standing in a dining room on a tan rug next to a wooden table and in front of a wooden cabinet.

"This is our girl, Sadie. She is a Jack Chi (Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix). She is 5 years old and weighs 27 pounds. She obeys well, walks on the leash with absolutely no tugging. She follows commands very well and is extremely well behaved. She is a quiet dog; never, never barks just to be barking. However, she will aggressively alert when someone approaches the home or the car while we are occupying them. She has never chewed on the furniture or anything in the home. She loves adults and children. Sadie is great about letting us know if she needs to go out to relieve her and then only goes to a designated area, not just anywhere in the yard. She alerts us if her water or food is becoming low. If she is done playing with a toy she brings it to us and will indicate which toy she would like to replace it with. We really find this amusing because she just never has more than one out at any given time. Sadie is high energy and loves to play. She could play fetch all day but patiently waits by your side when you are busy and not available to play. She does shed and needs to be brushed daily. She loves rabbits and squirrels; she will stand and point when she comes upon them, if they run she will pursue them. If they are within 100 feet of her and they have 50 feet to go to get to safety she has the speed to catch them. No one I know can believe how quick she is for a small dog. Fortunately she stops when I tell her to. On the leash she is no problem. She does not like other dogs or people whom she does not know or who we have not acknowledged to approach her back side. She will act aggressive if they do. My parents had a neighbor’s full-grown Rottweiler come into their yard and approach us in an aggressive manner and Sadie immediately went offensive. I was totally shocked because she is so peaceful and quiet. She stood her ground and the Rottweiler, which outweighed her by 75 to 100 pounds, put his tail between his legs and left the area. Overall, Sadie is a Lady!"

Side view - A merle Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is laying out in grass next to a porch that has brick pillars. There is a green tennis ball in front of it. The dog is looking to the right of its body. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Sadie the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog

View from the front - A Golden Retriever dog is sitting in mud with a hot pink, green and black frisbee in its mouth. There is a body of water behind it.

Sadie the Golden Retriever with her favorite Frisbee after a good swim, shown here at 1 ½ years old

Two tan with white Pomeranians are sitting and laying on a floral couch. The left most dog is looking down and to the right.

Pomeranians, Sadie (left) and Flosie (right)—Flosie was Sadie’s mother. Flosie passed away on 2\20\00. She was 11 years old. She will be greatly missed.

View from the top looking down - A black with tan Bluetick Coonhound dog  laying on a gray and green throw rug next to a black and white checkered floor looking up.

Sadie Mae the Bluetick Coonhound

View from the front - A large breed chocolate Labrador Retriever is sitting on a wooden deck looking forward with its mouth open and tongue is out.

"This is Sadie, a chocolate Lab who's three years old in this photo. Her amber-colored eyes are her most prominent feature...besides her tendency to eat any food in sight!"

Close up front view - A tan Pit Bull Terrier puppy is laying on a black, white, pink and yellow blanket in grass.

"Sadie the Pit Bull Terrier as a puppy. Rest in Peace, Sadie! She was a great dog. It's amazing how much personality a dog can possess. She was timid and sweet. Also a huge dog park fan! She changed my parents’ and friends’ perspective on Pit Bulls and for that I will always be thankful!"

A tricolor white with black and tan Smooth Fox Terrier Puppy is being held in the arms of a person dressed in blue close to their chest.

Sadie the Smooth Fox Terrier puppy at 3 months old. (It is considered a fault when the ears are perked, as this dog's ears are. Ears should fold forward, making V-shaped flaps).

Close up side view - A tan with white Be-Apso dog is laying on a tan couch with a toy ball under its head.

Sadie Lady the 2-year-old Beagle / Lhasa Apso hybrid (Be-Apso)

Side view - A long-haired, black with white and tan Rough Collie is laying on a carpet next to it a bed with a wooden frame. Its mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling.

"Sadie the rough Collie at 7 years old tries to be a mother and protector to all kinds of animals, especially kittens." Photo courtesy of Sylvia Hiltz, Sadie's Contagious Magic

Close up - A black and tan Toy Manchester Terrier dog is standing outside in tall grass that is as tall as the dog. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

"This is Sadie, a Toy Manchester Terrier. In England it is illegal to dock ears and tails, hence the reason she has a long tail and floppy ears."

Side view - A black with tan mix breed puppy is walking across dirt, grass and rocks.
A black with tan mix breed puppy is walking down grass. Close Up upper body shot - A black with tan mix breed is sitting in grass and looking up.

This is Sadie, a Rottweiler / Shepherd mix that was adopted from a local pound. She had Parvo when she was adopted and spent the first week in the hospital (hence the patch on her right front leg). She is seen here on her first walk with her new owners. When these photos were taken she was about 6 months old. She has since put on 20 pounds in just two months!

Side view - A black and white German Shorthair Pointer is stalking across grass that has snow all over it. Its head and tail are level with its body.

"Our German Shorthair Pointer Sadie has been a major part of our family. She is shown here at 2 years old. When we go for drives she goes with (best dog for traveling). She loves to pheasant hunt...minute we get the guns ready she is sitting by the door waiting. She loves her walks, fetches balls (she tries to get 3 tennis balls in her mouth). She also bats around a tennis ball on the floor like a cat. We take her out in the country for long walks. This is her pride and joy. She loves to point at birds, bugs and anything that smaller than her. She loves to cuddle up with us in a blanket...okay she is spoiled. But she definitely knows she is loved. I do daycare in my home. All the kids love her and she can't wait for them to come every day!"

A small breed, black Pomapoo dog is sitting on a porch and there is a person in a jean jacket behind it.

Sadie, a Pomapoo (Pomeranian / Poodle) at 10 months old—she had just gotten back from the groomer. What a cutie!

Close up head shot - A black with tan Labraheeler is sitting in dirt with plastic chairs behind it.

"This is Sadie. She is a Blue Heeler / Yellow Lab mix. She is about two years old in this picture. She can be very friendly but she can also act aggressive. When anyone comes to the door she barks like crazy, but she won’t bite unless someone breaks into the house. Despite her barking and crazy behavior she is a sweet dog. She doesn't like male humans as much as she likes female humans. Sadie is very athletic but doesn't compete in anything because she doesn't get along well with other dogs. She can’t stop barking at them. Eventually, she gets along with the dogs and will play with them. Sadie is an awesome dog!"

Side view upper body shot - A large breed, Golden Retriever dog is sitting in grass and it is wearing a vest with the words - Therapy Dog In Training - on it.

Sadie the Golden Retriever in her therapy dog vest—Sadie goes to hospitals and nursing homes to visit people and she loves her job. She is shown here at 1 ½ years old.

Side view - A tan Mongrel is laying in grass and it is looking to the right of its body towards the camera. Its mouth is open and spotted black tongue is out.

Sadie the Shiba Inu / Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix—Sadie likes to explore the wilderness for a couple hours if given the chance to sneak out.

A large breed, tan English Mastiff dog is laying down next to a calico cat  with a coffee table behind them.

"These are pictures of my Old English Mastiff Sadie with my cat Jupe. I am sending this just to show how gentle these dogs really can be. These two are buddies. Sadie was bought from a breeder in Columbus, Ohio, and weighed in close to 170 lbs. on her last vet check-up. She is just over 2 years old in these pictures."

Front view - A black Labrador/American Staffordshire/Dingo Mix puppy is sitting on a white tiled floor and looking up. There is a person behind it.

Sadie the Lab / American Staffordshire / Dingo mix, shown here at 3 months old.—"I got my dog Sadie from a guy down the street. He had the whole litter in a kennel with the mom being pinned up next to puppy's cage. When we first got her (at 3 months) she was not housebroken, was scared of other dogs, and especially scared of humans. At once we brought her to the leash-free 'puppy park' and within weeks she loved to play with all the puppies and little toy dogs. It wasn't until a month or two later that she felt comfortable playing with the bigger dog breeds."

"Her good habits are her behavior and obedience and her ability to learn new tricks and commands. She picks them up with ease. Bad habits would have to be peeing on mats/carpet in house and tracking dirt into the house ;). She also barks at walkers passing by our house, which I find annoying. She gets plenty of exercise. She runs around the yard all day, playing fetch and using the yard as a dog track, plus, she is taken to the dog park every other day and taken for walks/runs everyday."

"I grew up with a Lab / Shepherd mix and this dog is by far a lot more obedient and just as smart. She is more socialized with other dogs than my last and therefore loves to play with other dogs, truly amazing! I also was told my entire life that Pit bulls were vicious and horrific dogs, but it wasn't until I got my mixed Lab / Pit that I realized that they are truly a product of their owners and nothing else, just like every other breed."

Side view - A tan with white long-coated, Rough Scottish Collie dog is standing in front of a wall and it is looking forward. its mouth is open and tongue is out.

Sadie the rough Collie

Front view - Three black Flat-Coated Retrievers are laying in a row outside in grass. The dog in the middles mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling.

Tracker, Sadie and Race, three generations of Flat-Coated Retrievers from Inglis Kennels

Two Lhasa Apsos are laying on a couch really close to each other in front of a blanket that has a picture of the rough sea and a house on it.

Lhasa Apsos, Sadie at 3-years-old and her daughter Nikki at 5-months-old.

A white with tan and black Ori Pei puppy is sitting on a tan carpet and looking forward with wooden tables and chairs behind it.

Three-month-old Sadie the Ori Pei—her owner says she is very loving, but oh so very stubborn. She gets along great with their two full-grown Collies.

Side view - A white with brown and black English Bulldog is laying in grass and it is looking forward.

Si-D-Di's Something Special, better known as Sadie the English Bulldog, photo courtesy of Anne Dampier The Si-D-Di Collection

View from the front - A black with white English Springer Spaniel dog is laying in grass and it has a Goose wing in its mouth.

This is Sadie the English Springer Spaniel, playing with a wing of a Canada Goose. She was retrieving it in the yard at the age of 7 months.

Side view - A white with black Brittany Spaniel/Australian Shepherd mix is sitting on a rug and it is looking up. It is wearing an army green bandana and a blue collar.

Sadie, a Brittany SpanielAustralian Shepherd mix

A tan Labollie is wtrotting down a dirt path towards the camera. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out. There is a person and another dog behind it.

Sadie, a Labollie (Collie / Lab mix)