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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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Sammy the German Shepherd Mix is standing on a tiled floor and looking to the right. There is another dog sitting in a corner behind it

"I come home one evening from school only to find that my ten-year-old German Shepherd mix Sammy had trashed my entire room!!! Sammy is a great dog, but he freaks out every time a storm hits and if there's nobody home to comfort him this is what happens."

A Broken Mirror

"As you can see, it looks like the storm hit inside my room instead of outside. He destroyed my mirrored closet door (probably by trying to hide in the closet)."

A knocked over garbage can is laying on a tiled floor. There is garbage littered around it

"He knocked over my garbage can..."

Scratches going up a doorway

"Scratched my door..."

Close up - Blood near chewed up door knob

"...chewed my door knob and also dragged my clothes from the closet all around my house. He cut himself on the glass door, but he is fine and that's all that matters to me. He is my best friend and I love him no matter what stupid things he does."

Chloe the Boston Terrir is standing in a doorway chewing on a toy with a broken mirror and a scratched up door and knocked over trash can in the room

"The Boston Terrier on the bottom left is my other dog, two-year-old Chloe. I'm pretty sure she did not help Sammy destroy my room because she is an angel usually. Sammy looked pretty guilty when I got home that night...I guess he couldn't blame this one on Chloe!!!"

A pure white cat is walking in front of a broken mirror and looking at itself with a fallen over green trash can next to it

"Also seen in the picture: Princess the cat investigates the crime scene."

Katie the Border Collie sitting in a living room in the dirt from a knocked over Plant in front of a fan

"My husband and I came home from work and found Katie, our Border Collie feeling bored. We began documenting her mischief with pictures. This poor plant was removed from its pot three different times before I gave up and moved it into another room. Katie was about three months old here. She is now three years old. She is a very busy dog who brings in the newspaper every morning and loves playing with her soccer ball every night. We still have child-proof locks on our kitchen pantry as she helps herself to treats if the door can be opened."

A Boxer puppy is laying in front of a couch and looking up at the camera holder with a dog toy under its paw It is surrounded by foam chewed pieces

"This is our 2-month-old Boxer puppy. One day we left the house with her inside and came home to find the front of our couch completely torn off. This is the picture I took shortly after finding it."

Captain Jack the Bichon Frise is eating food out of a pan on the middle of a dining room table with a glass of milk next to him

"Here is a photo of our 10-month-old Bichon, Captain Jack. Here I caught him eating out of a pan off the table. I just walked away long enough to set some plates in the sink. We often catch him on the table because he cries for us to come and get him down!"

Close Up - Captain Jack the Bichon Frise is standing outside and looking up with dirt on his nose

"Here is a photo of Captain Jack the 10-month-old Bichon after he dug up my newly planted flower bed. Even after that I still couldn't resist him."