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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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A floor with a knocked over trashcan and there is trash all over it.

"I remembered too late that I had forgotten to empty a full wastebasket and knew what I'd come home to—and I was right. As I opened the door, Katie the Standard Poodle tried to get past me in order to escape the crime. I did a body block, stepped in quickly, and the two of them, Katie, age 5, and Bobby, our Miniature Poodle, age 10, who is the usual culprit, put themselves in the corner."

Katie the Standard Poodle and Bobby the Mini Poodle are sitting facing a wall in a laundry room

"I growled "stay" to the dogs and ran for the camera... that look of guilt was too good not to document."

Close Up - Katie the Poodle is sitting in front of a cabinet and looking back at the camera holder with a look of guilt on her face

"Katie gives a look that says, "He did it, Mom.... I had nothing to do with it!!!" Who says dogs don't feel guilt??"

Spirit the Siberian Husky puppy is chewing on a box under a Christmas tree

Spirit the 2-month-old Siberian Husky puppy caught chewing up a Christmas present! "I noticed that there were chew marks on the corner of a box I had in the living room. The box had a Christmas gift in it. Anyway, I thought it was my older 1-year-old Valley Bull Dog, Diesel. Come to find out it wasn't; it was Spirit! All along I was blaming it on Diesel."

Jessica the Mal-Shi is laying on a carpet ripping a Ronald McDonald plush toy apart. There is stuffing all around her

"This is my little Maltese / Shih-Tzu (Mal-Shi), Jessica who loves to disembowel her toys, and in this case it is "The death of Ronald McDonald." She is the most beautiful, playful, friendly little dog who came to me as a stray, completely matted from head to toe. She is very treasured."

Close Up - Harper the Golden Retriever puppy is laying on its back next to a pair of jeans with his bottom teeth showing

Harper the 4-month-old Golden Retriever puppy CAUGHT chewing on a pair of jeans. "After coming home from the grocery store, upon walking into the bedroom I noticed that our little golden girl had taken a pair of my jeans out of the laundry and was gently gnawing on them. As I harshly said "HARPER, DROP IT" she rolled on her back, and "smiled" as you can see in this picture. That's my girl!"

Zoey the Boston Terrier licking the ear of a wide-eyed baby

"This is a pic of Zoey at 5 months old (one of our two Boston Terriers) caught in the act giving our granddaughter Lily one of those well-known BT kamikaze kisses."