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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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Otto the Rat Terrier is laying on a green tiled floor in a bathroom near a vent and next to a purple crate. There is ripped toilet paper everywhere behind him

"This is Otto. He is a ten-month-old Rat Terrier. We keep him in the bathroom during the day even though our other Rat Terrier, Roxy is not confined. He will soon graduate to free range as well because he has been doing very well when we are not home (except when I leave the toilet paper within his reach!)"

A series of photos exhibiting the damage of holes Sanford the Black Lab has done to a wooden wall in a house. 'Who Me? Do That? I'm Innocent! I Swear!!' are the words overlayed in the top right hand corner.

Sanford, a 4-month-old Lab—"Sanford's newest trick is eating our house! He tried to blame it on the other three dogs but we know it was our darling Sanford."

Dublin the Golden Sheltie is laying on a carpeted floor with lots of toilet paper in front of him. Dublin has toilet paper in his mouth and is looking directly into the camera

Dublin the Golden Sheltie (Golden Retriever / Shetland Sheepdog hybrid) CAUGHT!

Moxi the Chihuahua Terrier mix is walking around with a stuffed animal in her mouth. Behind it is a ripped pillow and cotton all over the living room area

Moxi the Chihuahua / Terrier mix at about 2½ years old. Her owner states, "She was left in our front yard under our bushes when she weighed only 3 lbs. Apparently someone didn't realize the love they were about to miss out on!!! These pictures are of her pulling the stuffing out of an animal we had just gotten her. It took her all of 3 minutes to pull all the stuffing out."

Moxi the Chihuahua Terrier mix is standing on a pile of ripped items and is ripping open the stuffed animal in her mouth.

"Needless to say, stuffed animals don't last long in this household."

Moxi the Chihuahua Terrier is sitting in front of the camera holder and looking up. She has cotton from the gutted stuffed animal in her mouth

Showing evidence of the shred-fest she had! "What??!! What did I do??!!"

Moxie the Chihuahua Terrier jumped up at a wooden coffee table to get the shell of the stuffed animal

Moxie trying to go for more, after the mess had been picked up. Gotta love her!!!

All of the Cotton from the Stuffed Animal, next to the outside of a stuffed animal on a coffee table
Bear and Koko the Boston Terrier puppies are laying in a pen under a dog bed. They have torn up pieces of the newspaper that was under the dog bed scattered all over the pen

Bear and Koko, two Boston Terrier puppies wait until their breeder walks away after cleaning their pen to redecorate. This is after about five minutes of roughhousing! Bred by Lucky J Bostons.

Teri the Whoodle is laying in front of an entertainment stand with a stocking in her mouth

Teri the Whoodle at about 3 years old. "Teri has a habit of stealing my mother’s knee-high stockings out of drawers or even off her feet as she's taking them off! Here we caught her with one after she had stolen it."

Piper the Rottweiler Puppy is laying on a tiled floor on a shiny purple shirt with a baby-blue ball in its mouth

This is Piper (German Rottweiler) at 4 months old. "When I came back into the room from putting my daughter to bed, I found that she had pulled clothes out of the hamper and was playing with/chewing on half of a plastic Easter egg and got it stuck on her nose!"

Buddy the Chonzer puppy is sitting on a rug in a bathroom. The rug is covered in toilet paper

Buddy the 3-month-old Chonzer puppy had some fun with the toilet paper!