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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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Diesel the Valley Bulldog is standing near a cabinet and looking at the camera holder. There is a Mattress that has been ripped and the foam pulled out in the middle of the kitchen with a tiger cat laying next to it

"I came home on my lunch break from college to find that my one-year-old Valley Bulldog Diesel had made a very, very big mess. Since I had blocked the living room off he hadn't really gotten into much lately. Anyways, I had just gotten this foldout-type mattress. I figured I would let Diesel have it through the day to lie on while I was gone in classes. The stuffing was everywhere!"

Close Up - Diesel the Valley Bulldog is standing on a tiled floor and looking to the left

"Diesel knew that he did wrong. All I had to do was look at him and he crouched down, put his ears back and wiggled his stub."

Diesel the Valley Bulldog is hiding under a table. There is a mattress with foam everywhere all over the floor

"As I was cleaning up the mess he went and hid under the table."

There is foam everywhere and a mattress in the middle of the floor. Diesel the Valley Bulldog is under the kitchen table Side view of Pookie the longhaired Chihuahua walking on a rug. There is a red arrow pointing to a wet spot on the rug behind Pookie.

Pookie the 4-pound longhaired Chihuahua CAUGHT peeing on the carpet! Pookie squatted and peed just a few drops. In a matter of seconds the pee soaked into the carpet. Had no one been looking at that exact moment the incident would have gone unnoticed.

Olde English Bulldogge pen is filled with garbage and the dog is sitting in the back away from the mess

"This is a picture of our 1-year-old Olde English Bulldogge that, while in her crate and pen, pulled stuff that was sitting on top of her crate into her pen! Needless to say, she decided to "play" with it and tore up everything including books, a t-shirt, thread and whole lotta other stuff."

Monty the Rat-Chi is laying on a bed with toilet paper in its mouth and in its front paws.

"This is Monty, our Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix (Rat-Cha) we rescued from the pound. He was around 8 months old when we took this picture. What we find amusing is that he was looking at us like "Who me? But I didn't do anything...." He always tries to look as innocent as possible. The evidence was all around him, though. :)"

Iggy the Havachon is standing in front of a large window and looking to the left. There is a ripped pillow behind it and white fluffy stuffing all over the floor

"My cute little Havanese / Bichon mix (Havachon) Iggy got into a pillow from our couch and ripped up the stuffing. The funny thing is, somehow he managed to unzip the pillow! I re-stuffed it and all was well."

Scooter the Jug is Standing on a kitchen counter top next to a stove and licking out of a bowl. There is a computer screen on the other side of the counter

Scooter the Jug (Jack Russell / Pug mix breed dog)—"Bad Scooter, Bad Scooter!"

Gunner the German Shepherd, Budweiser the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Bruno the Aussie/German Shepherd Mix, Kelly the Aussie are laying in a room that they have torn to pieces. There is cotton everywhere, flung clothes everywhere and askew window blinds.

"From left to right: Gunner, German Shepherd 10 years; Budweiser, Greater Swiss Mountain dog, 7 years; Bruno, German Shepherd / Aussie 3 years; Kelly, Australian Shepherd (Aussie), 2 years. I left them in the room to answer the door for my paper boy, only to come back 5 minutes later to find 10 pillows that were chewed up by all four dogs. Amazing how they all work together."