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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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Darley the Beagle Mix is sitting in front of the camera holder and off to the right is dirt from a plant under a chair on a rug

Darley the Beagle mix—"I had the kitchen door open trying to get fresh air into the house and she must have attacked a potted plant outside and brought it in while I wasn't looking."

Sully the Lab/Pit Mix is laying on a carpet in front of a green couch that has had the side ripped off

"This is Sully, our 11-month-old Lab / Pit mix. We came home from work one day to find him lying next to the couch, looking at us as if he is saying, ’This will teach you to leave me alone!’ Apparently all the toys and chew toys were not enough fun."

Sully the Lab/Pit mix is sitting in front of a couch and its head is turned right with its eyes closed. The front bottom part of the couch is chewed down to the wood and springs

"Then we decide to pose him in front of his handiwork. ’OK, OK, I am sorry!! Please don’t take my picture!’”

Sully the Lab/Pit Mix is sitting next to a coffee table that has the corner chewed off

"After all the damage he did and all the money we spent on new furniture, how could you still be mad at this face?? ’I love you mom and dad!!’”

Ellie the chocolate Lab and Lola the Boxer sitting and laying in front of a couch in a huge mess. The bottom part of the couch is chewed to the wood and the stuffing is all over the floor

"While we were out, our Boxer puppy Lola, 8 months old, and our Chocolate Lab Ellie, 7 months, ate our entire couch! At least they were kind enough to pose for a picture."

Duke the Olde English Bulldog is chewing on gold Christmas garland tinsel

"Our first Christmas with Duke the Olde English Bulldogge. He found and shredded a brand-new package of tinsel. I guess he thought that our carpet needed some sprucing up! About 1 ½ years at this time, Duke did, and still does, love to chew anything soft or fuzzy. Or shiny, evidently!"

Duke the Olde English Bulldog is sitting next to the chewed gold Christmas garland tinsel

"What? What did I do??? Do you mean this shiny stuff? It wasn’t me!"

Newfypoo Puppy is lying on a couch and chewing on its dog toy with the couch also chewed below the toy

Freya the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle mix breed) puppy at 4 months old caught in the act of mistaking the couch for her chew toy.

Close Up - Newfypoo Puppy is laying on a couch and is chewing on a rope toy with the other side of the couch all chewed up

Freya the Newfypoo (Newfoundland / Poodle hybrid) puppy at 4 months old. "Careful Freya, there is a couch under your toy!"

A black long wavy coated dog laying down on a white couch

"The couch had to be thrown out."

Deek the Goldendoodle is standing outside in front of a fenceand in front of a hanging potted plant.

"These two pics were taken of our little boy Deek, my Goldendoodle. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any strawberries from my I know where they were disappearing to. He also likes to eat my crabapples!"

Deek the Goldendoodle is investigating the hanging potted plant by sticking his nose up to itCricket the Springer Spaniel/Pit Bull Mix is standing in front of a pile of bags and looking up at the camera holder

"These pictures are of Cricket, a 4-year-old Springer Spaniel / Pit Bull mix (Springer Pit) we adopted from the Humane Society. I took these pictures of her while we were at our friend's house. At our house when the bag of food is empty she tries to crawl in and lick up the crumbs. Well, this time—jackpot! She found a bag full of food!"

Cricket the Springer Spaniel/Pit Bull Mix is digging its head into the pile of bags under the table