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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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Tito the black Belgian Malinois puppy is sitting on a brown wicker chairs arm and there is a partially chewed roll of toilet paper in the chair and the edge of the chair is chewed

Tito the black Belgian Malinois at 5 months old caught in the act of chewing toilet paper and the chair! Tito is from Athens, Greece. His owners just adore him, chewing habits and all!

Lude the Mini Bull Terrier is sitting in a corner next to an entertain,ent center and there is a pile of stuffing sitting in front of her

Lude the Mini Bull Terrier decided to eat her owner’s childhood stuffed bear. I love the look of shame on her face!

Maggie the Golden Retriever is sitting on a cement patio with a plastic food container stuck on her head

"This is Maggie, my Golden Retriever. She was about a year old when this was taken. I guess I let her run out of food and she wasn't very happy about it so she decided to eat the container. Well, the container fought back and Maggie lost. I woke up to her banging around in her crate. She had gone into it to lie down after she got this thing stuck on her head. Well, I had to get a picture of my little genius at work."

Sensi the Wheaten Mix is standing on a chair and eating ice cream off of a plate on a table. There is a glass of white wine next to her and a wine bottle

Sensi the Wheaten cross caught in the act! Well, who wouldn’t enjoy a lovely bowl of ice cream?!

Edgar the Great Dane/Shepherd mix Puppy is sitting in a door way and looking at the camera holder. There is a trash can in the middle of the florr with trash everywhere in the room

Edgar the Great Dane / Shepherd mix at 6 months old. This is what his Mommy and Daddy found when they went for a walk without him!!!

Jenova the Beagle/Husky Mix is sitting in a crate next to a ripped open bean bag. The insides of the bean bag are everywhere, inside and out of the crate

"We crate Jenova, our Beagle / Husky mix when we are out of the house so she won't get into trouble. Unfortunately, our foam ball-filled pillow was sitting too close to the cage and she managed to pull it in and tear it up! We still find the little balls all over the place and in the vacuum no matter how much we clean!"

Coyote the Australian Cattle Dog Puppy is laying in a box and looking over the edge. There is a red ring toy, a rawhide bone and a green ball in front of the box

Coyote, an Australian Cattle Dogas a puppy. He took all the toys out of the toy box then got in and fell asleep even though his nice fluffy bed was right in front of the toy box!

Coyote the Australian Cattle Dog is laying on a green carpet and chewing on a huge stick

About a year later, he actually got this stick through the dog door! "Stick? What stick, mom?"

Bonita the Chihuahua is jumping at the back of a man who is sitting in his pajamas indian style

Caught in the act of pestering Daddy—forget NASCAR, let’s PLAY!

Bonita the 1-year-old female Chihuahua. "She loves toys and will do any trick for one. Her daddy sitting on the floor in this picture (and unsuspecting) was watching NASCAR, when his baby girl decided to pounce. Earlier they were playing a game of "leap on my head for pesky birdy" (pesky birdy is Bonitas favorite toy). You can see the red bird in the picture. For some reason Bonita decided she wanted to just get "pesky daddy." I was watching her and could tell by her movements and expression that she was up to no good. I was laughing so hard when I caught her in the act of teaching daddy a new trick. LOL."