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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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A Couch that was torn apart and chewed up by a dog. There are cushions on the floor and stuffing everywhere

This is what happened to my couch when I left my Springer Spaniel, Oreo home with my husband for a few days while I went away on a business trip. Needless to say, the couch got trashed!

Oreo the Springer Spaniel in a crate sitting in front of a dog bed that is chewed to pieces

Oreo in his crate the very next day, after he destroyed our furniture; he obviously still had some issues as the bed that was once in there got shredded!! Talk about issues!!!

Sophie and Oreo the Springer Spaniels are laying and standing in a tub and looking at the camera holder

So, we got Sophie (liver and white) with the hopes that the couch incident wouldn't be repeated, now they're always in the tub together...not sure why, but if you can't find them and hear thumping, check behind the shower curtain and you'll find them!!

Wilbur and Parker the Yellow Labs are laying in front of a knocked down Christmas tree with pillows around them

"After a play romp around the living room Wilbur and Parker, two Yellow Labs left the Christmas tree in pieces all over the floor. It was a week before Christmas and I guess they just got too excited thinking about Santa Paws..."

Lucky the Golden Retriever is looking up the carpeted stairway at scattered wood from the door above

I kept my Golden Retriever, Lucky confined to the basement while I was at work. Apparently that was not okay with him, as he broke the door down to get out! This is him admiring his handiwork!

Lucky the Golden Retriever front paws and scratches all over the door frame and door

Here is a close-up of the door; he scratched a hole to get out and ripped down the door frame.

Lucky the Golden Retriever is laying on a wooden ottoman looking sleepy

And you would never think he was capable by looking at him! I guess he just wanted his Mommy REALLY badly and you know how strong love can be ;-)  We got him a “brother” to keep him company during the day (he’s in the background of the above pic) and we’ve had no house damage ever since.

Raisa the Siberian Husky is laying outside with its mouth open and its paws on top of a pink shirt with grapes on it

Raisa the 1-year-old, female, red-and-white Siberian Husky. She lives in the south of Brazil.

Raisa the Siberian Husky is digging in a very muddy dirt hole next to a house with an orange hose, a broken bucket and 3 gallon jug behind him. He is covered in mud from head to tow looking like a brown dog.

Raisa apparently loves mud!