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Dogs Caught in the Act!

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Ricki the Flat Coat Retriever/Chow Mix has its head in a tan plastic food tub. Ricki is standing next to Hunter the Retriever and Skye the Spaniel.

Ricki, a Flat Coat Retriever / Chow mix) was caught in the act of raiding the trash...only the trash fought back! Looking on are her partners in crime, Hunter the retriever and Skye the spaniel.

Henry the Newfoundland has an empty box of Edy's ice cream in between its front paws. It is looking to the left and laying on a carpet next to a couch

No, no, Henry.... Henry the Newfoundland got a hold of an empty ice-cream container and licked it clean!!

 A Pembroke Corgi is laying on  carpeted floor surrounded by tissue and other chewed items and is looking towards the camera holder

What?! What did I do? (Pembroke Corgi)

Cinnamon the Zuchon is laying on a rug and chewing on a shoe lace

Cinnamon the Zuchon (Bichon / Shih-Tzu cross) loves chewing on shoe laces!! His owners love her no matter how many laces they have to replace! With that face, who wouldn't?

Oliver the Labrador Mix Puppy is laying against a couch and looking back at the camera holder with the corner of the wall chewed and pieces of wood sprinlked on the floor around him

This is Oliver, a 4-month-old Lab mix puppy. His owners states, "I was cooking lunch one afternoon, not really paying attention to him after our walk, thinking he was taking nap—and look what that little rascal did. He's lucky we love him so much and could just laugh at the damage. And with that little innocent face, how can you be mad at him?"

Close Up head and wall shot - Oliver the Lab mix puppy is next to a chewed up wall

Oliver, a 4-month-old Lab mix puppy caught chewing on the wall.

Close Up head and wall shot- Oliver the Lab Mix Puppy is chewing the corner of a wall

Oliver, a 4-month-old Lab mix puppy caught chewing on the wall.

Sadie the American Hairless Terrier is sleeping in a box of pillow stuffing while wearing a black and white striped shirt with red neck and arm sleeves

Sadie the American Hairless Terrier got into a big box of pillow stuffing, got it all over the floor then fell asleep in it.

Toby the Cockapoo puppy is standing on a dish washer door and its sniffing the dishes

Cody the Cockapoo puppy at 12 weeks old caught cleaning the dishes!