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A brown with white American Pit Bull Terrier and a grey Pit Bull/Chow Chow mix are standing on a rock in a front yard

"On the right is my hybrid, an American Pit Bull Terrier (that's what her father is—a purebred, about 35 pounds). Her mother was a purebred black shorthaired Chow-Chow, about 70 pounds and she is the offspring of the two. What an amazing little gal—she is fast and faithful and sworn only to us; we did not teach her these traits they came to her naturally. She is the perfect blend of the 2 breeds. To the left is my big boy. He was listed as an American Bulldog / Boxer mix. We know what he truly is though; he is an American Pit Bull Terrier around 68 pounds. They took about 9 days to integrate and now they are like peas and carrots. The 2 were rescued dogs from local area shelters, both adopted at 10 months of age."

Four dogs lined-up in a row on a hardwood floor - A tan with black and white dog, a curly white poodle mix dog, a tan and black with white dog and a white with brown brindle Pit Bull dog.

Winter, Rudy, Summer, Dozer

A brown Dogue de Bordeaux is sleeping on a floor with a black, brown and tan Yorkshire Terrier on top of its neck

Four-year-old Diva (Dogue de Bordeaux) and six-month-old Chase (Yorshire Terrier)—Chase feels the need to watch over Diva while she takes a nap.

A brown dog is laying behind a line of black puppies out in the grass

Nap Time—Mama dog with her litter of puppies

Close Up - A black with tan Manchester Terrier is laying next to a tricolor white, black and tan Rat-Cha puppy in a living room

Manchester mix at 1 year old with Little Tinker Tot the Rat-Cha puppy at about 7 weeks old. They are both rescue dogs and both just adore each other.

A black with tan Manchester Terrier is laying next to a white with black and brown Rat-Cha puppy on the back of a couch and looking out of a window

Manchester mix at 1 year old with Little Tinker Tot the Rat-Cha puppy at about 7 weeks old.

A brown Boxer puppy is playing with a white with brown Valley Bulldog laying in front of a blue chair. There is a rope toy in front of both of them

Delta the Boxer pup playing with Duncan the Valley Bulldog

A white half Spitz puppy is laying behind a grey and black dog on top of a blue and orange blanket. Both of there mouths are open and tongues are out

The white dog is Pinggoy. He's a 6-month-old half-Spitz. The grey/black/white dog is Mu Mu Bai; he's a 7-month-old . They're the best of friends!  And even though MuMu is much smaller than Pinggoy, when they playfully wrestle with each other, MuMu can be such a monster!

Close Up - A black cat is laying on top of a person, that is next to a red Australian Cattle Dog and a white with brown American Pit Bull on a red and green plaid couch

This is Moses the cat, Sidney the Australian Cattle Dog, and Trace the Pit Bull-mix puppy.

Three brown Boxer puppies are standing next to a lady in a purple coat out in a field of grass. In front of her is a white with brown Valley Bulldog. There is a brrown with white puppy walking away to the right. There is a Shepherd mix standing in front of a brown with white Boxer puppy

The Boxer pups (l-r) are Delta, Rosie, Reese, Duncan (Valley Bulldog), Finnegan (adult Boxer), and Duke in the foreground. The Shepherd mix is an unknown visitor.

A black with white Stabyhoun dog and a brown with white Austrian Pinscher dog are laying face to face in grass

Kaya the Stabyhoun with Dina the Austrian Pinscher laying in the grass

A brown brindle American Staffordshire Terrier mix is laying on a yellow and blue blanket on a hardwood floor. Next to it is a Dogo Argentino who is biting at it

American Staffordshire Terrier mix named Toras and a Dogo Argentino named Modis

A white with brown American Bulldog is laying in a flower bed playing with a Dachshund

Hashko the American Bulldog at play with Ofie the Dachshund

The laying white with brown brindle American Bulldog is playing with a  Dachshund. They are biting at each other outside next to a white brick house.

Hashko the American Bulldog at play with Ofie the Dachshund

A black with white and a brown brindle American Pit Bull Terrier are jumping up on one another while playing.

American Pit Bull Terriers at play—Sheeba (black) is 12 months and Nirvana (brindle) is 5 months.