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The Pack of Dogs is Here!

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A Golden Retriever is sitting in front of a porch next to three White Shepherds and two white Miniature Poodles

Witch Christina the Golden Retriever and her three White Shepherd friends named Doc (male), Vicky (female), Cindy (their daughter), and two Miniature Poodle friends Nevat and Milky

Six dogs in the bed of a black Toyota pick-up truck - A Golden Retriever standing in the corner with three White Shepherds and two white Miniature Poodles.

Witch Christina, Doc, Vicky, Cindy, Nevat and Milky in the back of a Toyota pick-up truck

A tan West Siberian Laika is laying next to a sleeping black with white and tan East Siberian Laika on top of throw rugs on a floor.

10-11-week-old East Siberian Laika female puppy named Vella (left), 4-year-old West Siberian Laika male (right) is named Karu

A tan Miniature Poodle is sitting in the background under a window of a brick house on a porch. There is a Leopard Catahoula dog and a white with black Heeler/Jack Russell Terrier mix laying down in front of it.

Millie the 7 month old female Leopard Catahoula (middle) that was picked up on an expressway when she was approximately 8 weeks old. The little black-faced one (front) is another rescue, Max, part Heeler and Jack Russell Terrier. His owners adopted him in self-defense to entertain Millie. They are joined at the hip now. The fuzzy one (back) is a Poodle and named Tazz; he is also a rescue.

A Westie and a tan Danish Broholmer are laying next to each other in grass with a bush line behind them

Emil, a Westie and Signe, a Danish Broholmer outside laying down in the grass

A Chocolate Lab is sitting on a wooden deck next to a Golden Retriever. They are looking to the left. There are chairs covered in plastic behind them

Chocolate Lab named Jedi and a Golden Retriever named Frodo

A tiny tan Chihuahua puppy wearing a pink shirt is sitting next to a large brown and tan Doberman Pincher on a tan carpet

Lilly the Chihuahua at 10 weeks old with Morgan the Doberman Pincher at 1 year old

A brown brindle and white Boxer dog is standing next to a black brindle French Bulldog in front of a bush outside in tall brown grass. They both have there mouths open and tongues out

Banzai the Boxer and Mimi the French Bulldog exploring the great outdoors

A small white Japanese Spitz is licking the face of a large graying black Labrador mix on a tan tiled floor with green, black and white walls around them.

Ming, a 4-month-old Japanese Spitz kissing Sutty, a 10-year-old mutt who is mainly Labrador

A Golden Retriever/Border Collie Mix is sleeping on the backside of a large white and tan Great Pyrenees. They are laying in front of a couch with a person sitting on it.

Coach (Golden Retriever / Border Collie mix) and Caesar (13-month-old Great Pyrenees) sleeping in their favorite spot.

A large white and tan Great Pyrenees is laying outside with a Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix standing behind it.

Coach (Golden Retriever / Border Collie mix) and Caesar (13-month-old Great Pyrenees) out on their hill

A small white Coton de Tulear dog is standing next to a larger brown with black perk eared dog on a white tiled floor in a kitchen. Both of there mouths are open. It looks like they are smiling

Hershey (a.k.a. “booboo”), a Coton de Tulear and Lucky, a mutt

A brown and white Boxer is laying outside on a gray deck in front of a sitting white and brown American Bulldog Two dogs sleeping on a humans bed, with one dog's legs wrapped around the other - A white with brown American Bulldog is sleeping behind a brown with white Boxer dog.

Boxer: Joey at 21.5 months, American Bulldog: Lola at 5.5 months

Two dogs sleeping on a tan carpeted floor on their sides with little kids toys behind them - A Golden Retriever behind a smaller black Goldendoodle.

Max (Golden Retriever) and his brother Gus (Goldendoodle) taking a nap after a long day’s play.