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The Pack of Dogs is Here!

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Six large breed dogs lined up on a beach with a girl holding a puppy in the background

Teddy Beer the Scotch Collie, Pierrewit the Laekenois, Beau the German Shepherd, Anoebis the Laekenois, Smoky the Australian Kelpie, Zaita the Malenois with daughter Sharon in the back hanging out on the beach.

Four large breed dogs and one boy sitting on an old metal merry-go-round spinning playground toy

Anoebis the Laekenois, Pierrewit the Laekenois, Zaita the Malenois and Smoky the Australian Kelpie on the Merry Go Round playground toy with their owner.

Three dogs, two adults and one puppy in a high sided gray dog bed laying down

Smoky the Australian Kelpie, Anoebis the Laekanois as a puppy and Zaita the Malenois Shepherd dog hanging out in their dog bed.

A girl in a long black coat is surrounded by a pack of six dogs.

Top: Scotch Collie Teddy Beer, daughter Sharon and German Shepherd Beau Bottom: Laekanois Pierrewit, Laekenois Anoebis, Malenois Zaita, Australian Kelpie Smoky