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The Pack of Dogs is Here!

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A girl wearing a gray sweat-shirt, black polka-dot pants and tan Ugg boots is outside a night walking a pack of four dogs across a road.

Thirteen-year-old Allison successfully pack walking four dogs. From left to right: Tia the Norwegian Elkhound, Bruno the Boxer, Maggie the Pitbull mix and Darley the Beagle mix.

A black and tan with white Shiloh Shepherd is looking out of a car window and standing on a seat that a tan Pug is sitting in

Bowie the Shiloh Shepherd and Hector the Pug are eager to go for a road trip.

A brown with white Boxer is laying on a zebra print dog pillow on a floor and there is a tan cockapoo in front of it

Stoney the Boxer with Cinda the Cockapoo sharing a dog bed

A white with black Great Dane is about to swallow the head of a brown with white Boston Terrier

"Daisy our Boston and Chloe, our new Great Dane. All of our dogs seem to have accepted Chloe into the pack, but she and Daisy are having a ball. They are having fun in this pic. Daisy constantly wants to play. Now she has Chloe to do it with. Chloe just lies down and Daisy runs around like a wild nut. It is amazing how gentle Chloe is with Daisy!!!"

Close Up - A brown with white Boston Terrier is stuck behind a brown with white Boxer on a red leather couch

"Daisy the Boston Terrier lying on the couch behind Sadie, our oldest Boxer"

Four dogs sleeping on a leatehr couch
A grey with white Toy Alaskan Klee Kai is sitting next to a white with brown and black Chihuahua on a wooden deck

Professor Stark the Toy Alaskan Klee Kai with his Chihuahua friend

Close Up - A black Small Munsterlander is laying on a tan leather couch behind a white with tan Jack Russell Terrier

Sophie the Small Munsterlander at 2 years old with Scout the little Irish Jack Russell Terrier

Three dogs are sleeping on a bed in a pile

On the bottom of the pile is Lucas the Scottish Terrier / Cavalier King Charles mix (Cavottish) and on top is his Ruby Cavalier sister and his Blenheim Cavalier brother that were adopted from Cavalier Rescue USA.

A red Springer Spaniel/Cocker Spaniel is laying next to a black Labrador Retriever outside in dirt.

"On the left is my Springer Spaniel / Cocker Spaniel mix female dog. Her name is Jinny and she is 8 years old. On the right is my black Labrador Retriever at 9 years old. His name is Julu."

A black and tan with white Schneagle is walking down a walkway next to a Golden Retriever.

"Zoey, our Schneagle (Beagle / Schnauzer mix) at 8 years old with her "best buddy" Maggie, our 7-year-old Golden Retriever. They are the greatest dogs anyone could ask for!!"

A grey with white blue-nose Pitbull Terrier is sleeping with its paw over the top of and behind a brown Chihuahua on a dog bed.

Caine the blue-nose Pitbull Terrier with Toby the Chihuahua

A black with white Pomston and a black with white Boston Terrier are cuddled together on a leather couch

Dixie the Pomston (Pomeranian / Boston Terrier mix breed dog) with Mollie the purebred Boston Terrier

A black with white Boston Terrier and a black with white Pomston are having a tug-of-war over a ball toy that is in there mouths as they walk down a pathway

Dixie the Pomston (Pomeranian / Boston Terrier mix) playing with Mollie the purebred Boston Terrier

A black with white Boton Terrier with a blue and red ball in its mouth is flowing behind a black with white Pomston. The Pomston is looking back at the Boston Terrier

Dixie the Pomston (Pomeranian / Boston Terrier mix) playing with Mollie the purebred Boston Terrier when she was a puppy

A black with tan Dachshund/Miniature Pincher mix is sitting next to a black Shar Pei/Dachshund mix outside next to a large bush

"Fibe (Phoebe) the Dachshund / Miniature Pincher mix (left) with Buticus the Shar Pei / Dachshund mix (right) from Brazil. Buticus was very social. He had a black and pink tongue and was strong with lots of extra skin on his upper body. He was approximately 55-61 pounds (25 - 28kg). He passed away at age 8 of kidney failure (falência renal)."

Three dogs are laying huddled around each other in a living room on top of tan carpet with a tan couch behind them. There is a Rottweiler to the left. A black Labrottie to the right. In the middle is a tan with black Chow Shepherd, its mouth is wide open. It looks like it is smiling. There is a baby toy to the left of the dogs.

The Pack—Ruby the Rottweiler, Louie the Chow Shepherd and Monte the Rottweiler / Lab mix