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The Pack of Dogs is Here!

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A little white Bichon dog is wearing a red, white and black sweater with its head on the side of a wicker chair with a larger Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen dog sitting on the chair next to it.

Humphrey the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV) at 7 years old (right) with Annie the Bichon Frise (left)

Two dogs and one cat - A tan Vizsla is sitting on a large throw rug behind a little white Westie dog who is sitting behind a black cat. They are all looking up and to the left

From back to front: Illie the Vizsla, Brody the Westie, and Shadow the cat

A large tan Vizsla dog is laying on a rug playing with a little white Westie dog who is in front of her biting her mouth

Illie and Brody love to play.

A white Westie and a tan Vizsla are standing face to face on a rug with there mouths open playing with one another

Illie and Brody

A tan Vizsla is play bowing in front of a white Westie and biting at it. The white Westie has its mouth open

Illie and Brody

A large grey and black Spinone Italiano dog is sniffing the head of a black Labrador Retriever in a field next to large rocks

A Spinone Italiano  and a Labrador Retriever

Cyrus a 2 year old Valley Bulldog weighing in at about 70 pounds and Matrix his Rottweiler mix sister sitting side-by side on a tan carpet.

Cyrus, a 2-year-old Valley Bulldog (right) weighing in at about 70 pounds and Matrix, his Rottie mix sister

A white Miniature Poodle is laying next to a tri-color black, white and tan Collie in the grass. There is a third dog a brown with black and white Shepherd mix on a rock in front of them.

Sandy (Miniature Poodle) with her two best friends Glory (Shepherd mix) and Padre (Collie) at the dog park.

Four dogs are laying in an arm chair next to each other. One is on a pillow, one is on the arm of the chair and two are in the actual seat part

Nora and Bill's Gang of Fur Friends