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Close up head shot - A long-haired tan Yorkie mix wearing a red felt ring around its neck that has jingle bells hanging from it.

Lindsey may be a purebred pet quality Yorkshire Terrier or she may be a Yorkie mix. We will never know for sure, but one thing is for sure—she is a special, intelligent, sweet little dog who loves agility.

Rescued from a shelter in Denver, CO and doing great! It was going to be her last day of life when she was adopted by her new mom, Sharron Moore, who loves her more than anything.

A small breed, longhaired, tan Yorkie mix is laying in grass with its fluffy tail curled over its back. The dog has a pink bow in its top knot. side view upper body shot - A small breed, longhaired, tan Yorkie mix is laying on a bed and it is looking to the left with a pink bow in its top knot. View from the front - a small breed, longhaired, tan Yorkie mix is sitting on a porch and it is looking up. It is wearing a pink flower on its head.

Just look at Lindsey now!

All groomed up so pretty. If you are looking to adopt a dog please visit your local animal shelter and save a life like little Lindsey. You would be surprised by what wonderful animals you will find. They are waiting for someone like you to come and love them. See Lindsey doing agility.

View from the front - A large-breed, shorthaired, tan with white Labbe is sitting on a tan tiled floor and looking up.

This is Sasha at 1 year old. The owners’ vet thought she was a Labbe (Lab / Beagle mix) however the ears indicate that there is something else in her mix. Neither Labs nor Beagles have ears that stand up like that. She is beautiful no matter what she is mixed with.

A large breed, short-haired tan with white Labbe is laying on a rug and looking up with its head tilted to the left.

Sasha at 1 year old

A shorthaired, tan with white Labbe is laying down on a tan and black throw rug on top of a tan tiled floor.

Sasha at 1 year old

A medium haired, black with tan and white Shepherd mix is standing in grass and looking to the right. There are cars and a tree behind it.

Hush at 1 year old Shepherd mix

A black with white Husky mix puppy is sitting in grass.

Einstein, a Husky mix at 3 months old

Two medium-haired dogs on a couch on top of a pastel colored quilt - A brown with black and white and a tan Shepherd/Chow mix.

Brother and sister Shepherd and Chow ?

A toy-sized tan with white Mixed breed dog is sitting on a brown couch and looking up with a blue and white wall behind it.

Russell McAlpine McGuillicutty - Allen Bubba Joe Moe Bowers or "Rusty" as his owners call him

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