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A large breed, black and brown Shepweiler mix breed dog has its head on the legs on a person sitting on a couch in front of it inside a living room.

"This is my dog Buck. His father was a Rottweiler / GSD cross, and his mother was a Chow Chow / Aussie / Airedale mix. He was the result of natural selection, and was born in a culvert ditch where his mother stowed he and his sibling away to hide them. Buck shows much courage, loyalty, and wariness of strangers already, but in reality, is a huge goofball. He loves the woods just as much as I do, and he is the perfect companion who does whatever I ask. Well behaved, he is probably the best dog I have ever owned."

View from the front - A red with white Staffie mix is standing on a wooden bridge that has medal fence rails on each side. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out. The dog is wearing a choke chain collar.

Diva the Staffie cross at 7 1/2 years old-"My dog is a Staffy cross. She has a golden brown coat with white on her chest. I don't know what she is crossed with."

A white with black and brown American Bulldog mix is sitting on a couch. The dog is mostly white with a black brindle patch over its right eye.

"This is Wally, our little American Bulldog mix. He has the most personality I have ever seen in a dog! He has a sad face, happy face, excited face and a thousand different barks! He's a big mama's boy. Wally is my 65-lb. lap dog and always wants to cuddle! We soon learned that he needs to go for a long walk and a run every day or he eats everything. He has eaten remote controls, shoes, pillows, picture frames and lots of people food if we leave him alone too long without any exercise. Luckily our apartment complex has its own dog park where he can chase and wrestle with all the other dogs and at night we take him rollerblading around the neighborhood. He sleeps all day unless you want to play so he is in fact the perfect dog! Lazy when I'm lazy and excited when I want to play!"

Close up head and upper body shots of two dogs on the back of a couch - A tan with white Pitbull/Corgi mix is standing up against the back of a couch next to a black and tan Shepweiler mix.

"This is my little girl Kasey. She is a Pit Bull / Corgi mix and is very unusual looking but she's the best dog I could ask for. She is the blonde and white one. The other dog, Noah is a German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix. He's full grown but still small because he was a runt, but he is a great companion dog."

Two dogs on the back of a coffee colored leather couch - A short legged, tan with white Pit Bull/Corgi mix breed dog has its front paws oer the back with its head peering over. It is next to a black and tan Shepweiler mix that is laying on the top back part of the couch with one paw hanging over the edge.

Kasey the Pit Bull / Corgi mix (left) with Noah the German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix (right)

A black with brown Shepweiler mix is sitting on a carpet and looking up. Behind it is a short-legged tan with white Pit Bull/Corgi mix looking at the Shepweiler. They are in a living room.

Noah the German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix (left) with Kasey the Pit Bull / Corgi mix (right)

A black with brown Shepweiler mix is laying on a human's bed next to a tan with white Pitbull/Corgi mix.

Kasey the Pit Bull / Corgi mix (front) with Noah the German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix (back)

View from the top looking down at two dogs who are sitting on a green carpet next to a chair - A tan with white Pit Bull mix breed dog with a wiry looking tan Cairn Terrier mix in front of it. They are both looking up.

This is Cloey Carin Terrier mix that was adopted from Eleventh Hour Rescue in Rockaway, NJ and Sandy (Pit Bull mix) adopted from Golub Animal Clinic. They recently became house mates and are adjusting to life together.

Side view - A perk-eared, white Pit Bull mix is laying on a walkway wearing a red bandana looking up. The dog has slanty eyes.

"Sandy the Pit bull mix is the affectionate one. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is absolutely beautiful! She was adopted at 10 weeks of age and has gone to puppy school. We used the Dog Whisperer training with Sandy and she is very well behaved. Sandy is 11 months old in this picture. Sandy loves to cuddle and you can lie on top of her; she just wants to be close. She is very tolerant of Cloey. Cloey loves her new big sister!"

Upper body shot view from the front - A wiry looking white with tan Cairn Terrier mix is being held in the air by a person whose hand is across the dogs chest.

"Cloey was adopted from Eleventh Hour Rescue. She was in a pound in GA and was due to be destroyed along with 20 other dogs. When the rescue team got there, all but 4 had been destroyed. She had a 16-hour transport ride to NJ and we picked her up the next day. Tired, and filthy!! She is one lucky puppy! We were told Cloey was a Carin Terrier mix, but I'm not too sure. She appears to be taller. Who knows, all we do know is that we love that li’l girl. Look at that face!! In one week she has already learned to sit, if we can just get the housetraining under control.

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