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Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

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View from the top looking down of three dogs in a row on a white tiled floor

"Hello dog lovers!
I have three beautiful mixed rescue mutts and wouldn't change them for the world. Our oldest is Badd Dogg (right) and he is 13 years. He is a Lab / Chow Chow mix, but I tell everyone he is half bear and half lion- rarrh! Badd's favorite pastime is chilling in the foyer and sleeping under the bed; he loves his sisters but sometimes they just get on his nerves  :)"

"Gracie (left and bottom) is my gentle giant! She is 7 years old and a ¾ Great Dane, ¼ Lab mix, and is absolutely beautiful. Her massive size is an attribute when wanting no-no stuff off the counter. She loves belly rubs and back massages. I feel lucky that Gracie got the Great Dane personality; she likes to sit with her legs crossed, prefers the couch over the floor, and at times can be the largest butt wart a person will ever see. I love that she loves me so much that she just can’t leave my side. I have even nicknamed her ‘in yo face grace’! Gracie is the best dog to cuddle with and anytime I am sick she is the first one to lie next to me and veg all day. She loves snack time but lacks patience; if you have a treat in your hand Gracie will definitely get it!"

"Apple is our newest rescue (middle). She is just now 15 weeks old and over 35 pounds! Her hands are huge! She is ¾ German Shepherd and ¼ Akita, and 100% naughty! She loves to chase Gracie at any given chance. Texas gets hot so I bought her a kiddie pool for when we go play outside and now I can't even get her out of it. Apple throws her toys to the bottom of the pool and thrashes and splashes until she gets them out. A current student at PetSmart U, Apple has really accelerated and is truly a very smart dog. My advice to anyone who gets a Shepherd is they like to run and play so make sure you have enough energy for them. Apple isn't all naughty; she can be sweeter than apple pie! My favorite is when I study and she lies on my feet and kisses my legs. She is truly loyal!"

" All of our dogs are mutts and were rescued when they were pups! They are so full of love and truly appreciate us as parents. I don't know what I would do without my mutts to greet me when I come home, paw me when I am tired, or steal my hairbrush when I am trying to get ready. Every day they bring laughter, love and enjoyment into my life and you cannot put a price tag on that!
— The Kenyon Pack!"

View from the top looking down at the dog - A large furry black and tan dog looking sleepy laying on a tan carpet inside of a house.

"This is my lovely Samson. Samson is a Rottie mix. I adopted him from a rescue. He was going to be put to sleep by a shelter in Ohio two days after Christmas. He arrived on New Year's Eve. He was the perfect gift for the New Year. I was told he is mixed with a Shepherd (possibly Belgian), but I'm beginning to think he's a St. Weiler. I love him as if I gave birth to him. He's my best friend. ".

View from the front - A large furry black and tan dog with a black tongue sitting up against a wall on a tan carpet inside of a house.

Samson's black tongue and coat color remind me of a Rottweiler / Chow Chow mix.

A large furry black and tan dog laying down in the doorway of a kitchen and living room. The dog is half way on the white tiled floor and half way on the tan carpet.

Samson the Rottie mix taking a nap.

Front side view - A black with tan and white Smooth Fox Terrier mix is laying on a white with black zebra striped blanket on a couch and it is looking forward.

Wingnut the Smooth Fox Terrier mix at about 16 months old

A tricolor black with tan and white Smooth Fox Terrier mix breed dog is laying on a yellow blanket on top of a gray couch.

Wingnut the Smooth Fox Terrier mix at about 16 months old

A black with tan and white Smooth Fox Terrier mix breed dog is jumping over a tall wooden privacy fence.

Wingnut the Smooth Fox Terrier mix jumping the fence—"It is uncanny how our Wingnut totally matches the info, personality, etc., that you have posted on your site about Smooth Fox Terriers. Talk about hoarding!! She shares her home with a male Beagle and my husband and me. Being deaf does not slow her down a bit. I think her daddy is a cat? She's a house dog and difficult to keep in a yard as she jumps up and climbs fences."

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