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Love Those Mutts

Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

Close up head shot - A black with white ticke mixed breed dog is laying on a blue bed and it is looking forward. There is a VHS tape on the bed.

Zoey the Basenji, Labrador, Pointer mix breed dog

A black with tan Shepherd/Terrier mix puppy is laying in a wicker basket in front of a cabinet. The puppies mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling.

Gwyneth, a Shepherd / Terrier mix

Action shot view from the front - A black with tan and white Siberian Husky is walking across snow. There are trees behind it.

"Kaylee, a Siberian Husky mix (?) is about 8 months old in this picture. She has one brown and one blue eye."

Dog DNA Tests

Other Names
  • All American
  • Cross Breed
  • Heinz 57
  • Mix
  • Mixed Breed
  • Mutt
  • Mix Breed
  • Pariah dog
  • Rez dog
  • Tyke