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Pictures of Mixed-Breed Dogs

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Close up head shot - A black with tan and white Rottweiler mix puppy is sitting on a painted green wooden porch looking up.

Blaze, a Rottweiler mix puppy at 4 months old

A little black puppy with soft ears that hang to the sides sitting in front of a kerosene heater

"Pevely was one of 8 black pups born to a purebred Weimaraner who was turned over to rescue when the puppies were born. The rescue assumed they were black Labrador Retriever / Weim pups, but he had funny wiry beard hair on his chin at 8 weeks old."

A shorthaired black puppy laying down in a wicker basket with red and green Christmas balls next to him

"By 10 weeks old Pevely was getting silvery feathers around his toes, and within a few more weeks he had a full blown beard and long gray feathers on his legs."

Close up head shot of a black dog with a gray wiry snout and paws with brown eyes laying down

"People started asking if Pevely was some sort of terrier. At six months old he was DNA tested and the results were: 1/2 purebred Weimaraner for three generations, 1/4 purebred Schnauzer for three generations and the remaining 1/4 consisted of wirehaired Dachshund and a Bouvier de Flandres. Not a drop of Labrador Retriever!"

Close up upper body shot of a black dog with a gray snout and paws walking out of a body of water

"At seven months old, Pevely has wiry gray leg warmers on all four legs, the silver is now showing up on his haunches, the top of his head, his back... and in one ring around his tail."

A large breed black dog with gray paws and gray on his snout wearing a red collar drinking water out of a lake

"Pevely gets very curly/wavy when wet!"

Close up upper body shot - A drop eared, white with black English Pointer mix is laying on its left side looking up. Its head is on a green pillow.

Mojo is a rescued English Pointer mix

A tan with white hound-looking, tricolor, mixed breed dog is standing out in snow in a back yard jumped up with its front paws on top of a chain link fence.

This is Gibbsy from Washington, D.C. She's a super mutt (both mom and dad are mutts). She was about 6 months old at the time of this photo, a very friendly and loving little girl who loves to run and play.

Side view head shot - A black with tan German Shepherd/Rottweiler/Husky mix is wearing a choak chain collar looking to the left. Its mouth is open and tongue is out.

This is Buck, a German Shepherd / Rottweiler / Husky mix

A thick coated dog with perk ears that are slightly pinned back laying down on a bed with a girl in a red shirt and gray pants. The dog has a black nose and dark eyes. Its coat is tan with a saddle black pattern.

Hoka the Husky mix at 8 months old—"Hoka is a rescued "rez dog" from the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. I found Hoka as a very small puppy (about 8-12 weeks old) in the district of Cannon Ball right after a blizzard during the Dakota Access Pipeline protest. I'm not sure what type of dog she actually is, because often, dogs are left free to roam. Coyotes and wolves are also pretty common to the area. I never found her parents, but there was one litter mate who looked just as wolflike as she does. When I take her on walks, I am often asked if she is a wolf hybrid. I always laugh and say she's just a rez dog. Lol"

View from the top looking down at a long haired, thick coated tan with black dog with perk ears standing next to a person outside in dirt.

Hoka the Husky mix at 8 months old

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