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List of Molosser Type Dog Breeds

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"Denali the Rottweiler at 7 years old . She is very affectionate and loving, and is the pack leader of our 3 dogs."

The Molosser breeds are known for their wide chests, large stature, and muscled legs. This group mainly includes bully breeds, mastiffs, and anything that derived from those two subgroups over time. Defining the word Molosser is agreed upon by most as these dogs were named after the Molossi tribes in which these dogs originated. Because the Molosser dogs are one of the oldest known groups in the world, many dog breeds that fit into this group are controversial as some are extinct or have been bred too many times and don’t attain the physical qualities that they used to. Within the Molosser group, there are two divided groups which are home guardians or flock guardians. Light colored Molosser breeds were preferred as flock guardians because they resembled the other animals while darker colored Molosser breeds were performed as home guardians because they blended in with the scenery at night. Because the Molosser breeds are difficult to define today, there are multiple lists below. One of which consists of all of the general Molosser breeds throughout history and today, and the others consists only of the Molosser breeds recognized by the Kennel Clubs.

All Molosser Breeds

Breeds Recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club does not currently recognize Molossers as a separate group of dog breeds, however there have been many proposals to do so. Currently, there are 20 breeds that are proposed as the new Molosser group under the AKC. They are…

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